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If the Sartorialist met Salvador Dali at a Bay Area nightclub: tada! You would have Porno Allen

Looking into the distance, like he is oft to do, Porno Allen aims to create a new brand of boutique electronic dance music. His sound is a trifecta of blues, international influence, and electronic soul that will lead you to the dance floor.

Allen's stylistic influences range

from cult classics like King Kong

to the high-brow fashions of Jean

Paul Gaultier. He aspires to bring

art to the stage, but art that

blends camp, playfulness, and an

exquisite attention to sound and


His new track "Lady," reinterprets
Modjo's hit song with a modern,

uncouth flair with Tarantino-like

humor and bravery. The Porno

Allen Experience has begun!

Notable Past Performances:

-Wintersalt Music Festival w/

Diplo, Zedd, Travis Barker,

& Dillon Francis

-Warfield w/Clockwork

& Audrey Napolean

Past Television and

Product Placements Include:

-CW's Remodeled

-MTV's the Jersey Shore

-Forever 21

-Zippo Lighters